Inspection & polish line modifications in paint shop köln. Platforms and lighting system.




PERIOD OF EXECUTION: July 2016 – September 2016





Inspection and Polish Line Modifications required to allow the installation of the DIP machines and enable the Manual Processes to be carried out. Main tasks required to implement the 2 DIP machine into the existing polish line and meet the process requirements: modification of operator platforms, relocation of intensive lighting UWE-BRAUN.

• Modification of work deck belonging to the 2 Process lines – 50mm platform extending over 10 metres  from Column OL 2.
• Modification of work deck belonging to the 2 process lines – to create 540mm platform extending over 9 metres – including stairs  aprox 4.5 m to the left and 4.5 m to the right of OL3.
• Modification of the work deck belonging to the 2 process lines – to create split level platform 770mm high  – including Ramp ( 100mm) extending  over 6 metres plus 3 steps – at a position approx. +5.0 metres to right of OL 3.
• Modification of the work deck belonging to the 2 process lines – to create a platform 670mm extending over 8.8metres – at a position of approx. 4.5 meters to the left of OL 4 and 4.3 metres to the Right of OL4 – to the end of the 2 process conveyors.
• Modification of the working platform that forms the boundary of the 2nd Process line with the 3rd Conveyor Lane ( 2 – Tone ) – This platform extends approx. 9.0 metres on each side of the 3rd Conveyor Line and will mirror the 770mm and 670mm high work decks
• Work includes new steps – hand rails- infills.
• Modification of staircase to reach the platform coming from the entry door way.

• Relocation of the Existing 3rd Deck area  Uwe Braun  Low Level Horizontal and side Lighting including sensor and power suppliers and controllers  from existing area to the 770mm platforms -Include placing of protection strips to prevent open door ( 3 door cars )  from interfering with the lamp units – Check availability of power supply and/or extend cables.
• Relocation of general lighting and place additional Uwe Braun lighting + plus build up new overhead light suspension frame + build up cabinet and provide new controller and install new  power supply and cables and cable tray for the additional lighting – to the 9 metres of 670mm high work deck
• Relocate the “ swing door sillouttes “ at the 150mm to 540mm height change and place new ones at the 770mm to 540mm.
• Place additional hand rail between open edges and general painting and floor marking at places of height change and edges of conveyors
• Extend the opening of the door way from the main workers entrance to the deck ( from the spare parts sealing preparation area – this work will include some civils work
• Mechanical and Air Services tasks associated with the relocation of the sealer RAM station and preparation table from the Right Side of the door way to the Left Side of the door way.
• Relocation of the Compressed air take off points – within the integrated air supply channel system PLUS extension of the air take off rails to cover the revised 670mm and 770mm level work areas.